Questionnaire Details


Community Attitude Survey

Understanding the characteristics, perceptions, and needs of the people in your community is critical to planning a hospital’s marketing and business development efforts. This research can determine the community’s awareness of your organization and its competitors, evaluate your facility's image and that of your competitors, and provide recent and future market share estimates.

Our community attitude studies are customized to your particular needs. However, some of the informative items generally include:

  • Awareness
  • Image
  • Strengths/weaknesses
  • Market share
  • Future market share
  • Service evaluations
  • Competitor ratings
  • Positioning and brand measurements
  • Health needs assessment


Contact us for more information or for a copy of the Community Attitude Survey White Paper.

Medical Staff and Referring Physician Satisfaction Surveys

Edge MedStaff surveys utilize a comprehensive, but easy-to-complete questionnaire that covers a range of standardized categories, yet still provides the flexibility to encourage development of customized questions. In addition, we gather suggested changes, additions, and improvements from your medical staff in order to enhance your relationship with them. These are reported as verbatim comments and can be identified by specialty. Surveys are implemented by mail or online or a combination of the two. Some of the main features include:

  • A full range of proven questions to evaluate medical staff satisfaction.
  • A range of different categories or departments to provide feedback to managers.
  • Ability to customize or add questions.
  • High physician response rates.
  • Easy-to-read "report card" format reporting.
  • Detailed analyses and discussions of the findings available.


To learn more about our Medical Staff and Referring Physician Satisfaction Surveys, contact us.

Employee Engagement Measurement System

Recent articles among healthcare human resource executives cite low morale as a primary concern. If this is an issue for your organization, we can help!

We have developed a measurement tool to evaluate employee satisfaction and measure engagement. Beyond the survey and standardized reporting, we have also developed a reporting and feedback system that provides results at the department level for management review and implementation.

Our questionnaire contains 40 standardized questions, and additional questions are also welcomed to customize the study to your organization's needs. Question categories include:

  • Supervision
  • Job Environment
  • Compensation
  • Administration
  • Quality
  • Communication
  • Work Itself
  • Overall Satisfaction

We provide a special report on engagement that can be tracked over time. Our Key Driver analysis can show you the top several items that, if improved, can have the greatest impact on increasing satisfaction and engagement.

New Service Evaluations

Because new services, programs, and ventures may be complex and costly, a well-designed research project can be an important investment in your success. These studies analyze the need for your proposed service/product, measure market interest, and determine the viability of your new venture.

We have conducted evaluations for a wide variety of proposed services and products, including assisted living services, medical office software, HMO and PPO products, satellite and outpatient facilities, hospital inpatient lines, wellness concepts, and public health initiatives.

Health Plan Studies

We have conducted many types of studies for health plan clients. The following are a few samples of the managed care studies we've undertaken:

  • Member satisfaction surveys
  • Disenrollment studies
  • Market assessment for new network concept
  • Employer research to measure interest in new PPO
  • Image studies for seven regions of a national HMO company
  • New service evaluation among plan executives